Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thats right I bring excuses!

I feel bad I haven't posted anything new, but I've been doing a ton of research and development work for my own comic idea, its really evolved from where I started last year taking my time with it, I've done some rough sketches, nothing I want to share yet but stay tuned

{edit heres a new pic, just done now...Octocat}

Master of MS Paint!

Octocat is the work of David O Reily. Check it out, youtube it, its very funny!


  1. OOh, this sounds intriguing!! Can't wait to see your sketches! What kind of research do you have to do?

  2. shit is kevin david o reilly! i knew it! got the style down man!

  3. Hey Peter! The good old wild west! Watched a ton of westerns but the tv show Deadwood had me really thinking bout it, basically looking into fashion, architecture, dialouge, slang, the actually history what was going on and where, and the strnge and paranormal of that tim etc!

    and yes mark I fooled the world muhowhahahaha!

  4. Cool! Sounds good! It would be interesting to know what kind of paranormal/superstitious beliefs they had actually, it's not an area westerns usually go in to. I was actually watching some of the Magnificent Seven the other day, 'twas on T.V. And don't forget Back to the Future part 3 for it's almost documentary style realism. I'm sure I talked to you about this before, but you know the Dark Tower books by Stephen King? (There are graphic novels based on it too) They'd be worth checking out. I must check Deadwood out, haven't seen any of it. Good luck with it sir, sounds like your doing your homework!