Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Mindache's hypothesis is that in a closed system all people tend towards idiocy.

Here's the pitch: It's an irish rom-com. Richard Gere plays a wealthy farmer who owns two pigs, a horse and some chickens. He happens upon a poor but vibrant peasant whore and becomes enamoured. He woos her with fresh chicken eggs and thrill rides on his cart, capturing her heart and whisking her off to a dream cottage with glass in the windows. Brenda Fricker is on board.

... and that's why you never teach yourself lessons.

Shine on you arsecandles!


  1. Hahaha!! You did it!!!! The vision has been reallised! It's just like I imagined it to be!

  2. will there be an irish pimp who dosent like Richard taking his finest whore away. and hes like a war veteran and can function in normal society and drives a taxi all night? wait no that wouldn't work, i could see this on tv though , i want the character bibles by Thursday!

  3. We're working on this collaborative art project and we would like you to join or help pass the information. Thank you.

  4. i like that mark. a war veteran who becomes a sociopathic vigilante... i see colm meaney with a curly mohawk.