Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Mindache condones the responsible use of mind-altering substances.

paint or dance, don't do them both at the same time. diageo.

The land of Wallies

Then Wally found the twelfth scroll and saw the truth about himself. That he was just one Wally among many. He saw too that Wallies often lose things. For he himself had lost one shoe. And as he looked for his shoe, he discovered that Wizard Whitebeard was not his only fellow traveller. There were now eleven others - one from every place he had been to - who had joined him one by one along the way. So now (oh loyal followers of Wally!) find the real Wally and help him find his missing shoe. and there, in the land of Wallies, may Wally live happily ever after.

acrylics on canvas, a page from Martin Handford's Where's Wally books, cheap beer, classy weed and mdma. name: the land of the wallies. theme: discovering one's true self, and recognizing kindred souls. personal purpose: using up surplus energy, experimental meditation, to see what happens, total douchery.

it is the unexpected things that make life both utterly heartbreaking and profoundly uplifting.

peace to all you reservoirs of godly magnificence! tap into it!


  1. Your mind sure goes on some journeys. I like this piece, it's like viewing artistic energy.

    AW!! I used to love American Tail. Man those mice sure can't sing. The song's stuck in my head now, although It is heartwarming.

  2. all you need is a slow heavy bass line and man you got a nice song.

  3. Awesome and nostalgic, although I don't like nostalgic they remind me of funer freer times where life was cooler, stupid everyone and me! Stop it, nice work!

  4. You definately got a nice style goin on here Geoff!