Saturday, June 5, 2010

sorry i neglected the blog for some time

this is a lil accordion I made for a friend:

I'm in an extreme I-don't-know-mood. Which sucks, cause it's not only the I-don't-know-mood but also the extreme one. The I-don't-know mood is....I don't know. You suddenly start to behave like a depressed mum in the 70's with a cheating husband.

You look around you and have no clue what to do. The extreme one is even worse. You sit there and maybe you get up and walk around a little, still no idea what to do. And then you watch Vinny doing the dishes. He doesn't know either.


  1. i was in an i-don't-know-mood before, i went with it, billions of years later, maybe a few months, i knew everything. the trick is remembering it all.

  2. Lovin this Emma, really like how ya used different medias!