Sunday, June 27, 2010

click click click click click, click himself under...

The title to this post is a lyric from the Manic's song "Kevin Carter". That song didn't inspire this picture however, it just popped into my head when I was thinking of a title for the post. What did inspire it was (obviously) surveillance, and also the new breakthroughs in Augmented Reality, and things like the fact that even though I'm not on Facebook myself, I'm still on it, loads of me, in other people's photos. It's a bit weird. Anyway. I hadn't done watercolour in a while so it's not as up to scratch. It also needs some finishing touches, mainly in the background. Anyway there it is, a new post. Oh yeah, I'm back and all that. Miss me no more!


  1. coool! whats happening with the reality? they putting stuff in our brains yet? advertising via bluetooth telepathy?

  2. Augmented reality? It started with cameras. Using GPS and what not, when you point it, say , in a street, it brings up loads of info, in front of certain buildings and also where other places of interest are etc. when you look out through your viewfinder. They have them in glasses now. Basically it's like having internet pop ups appear right in front of your eyeballs. It does have it's potential benefits ( if your in a foreign country you can easily get information on where things are). but as I said,it seems it's only a matter of time before ads will appear alongside the info and as I said, it seems to me like it'll just be pop-ups everywhere. Concerns over the obvious health and safety issues of having things appear in front of your eyes are being discussed. This is quite a rambling description. check it out. The magazine I read it in had pages that were augmented, it meant (when you go on to their website and download software), you can hold certain pages up to your computer camera and computer graphics with little animations and additional info appear on screen over the pages (like the page had "come to life"). It WAS pretty cool. I don't know. Like all new things, it has the potential for good and bad I suppose.

  3. that dose sound cool! im working on a response to this piece , going down the rout of the human condition that makes us more content in a way to get on with our lives if we think there is some sort of higher power watching our every move , seeing if we are safe , seeing if we are good or bad people and constantly reviewing your details to see if things go good or bad for you. You can say that now for the government , but at least the aliens try and hide it.

  4. so cool peter! loving the robots!

  5. that sounds awesome and possibly scary! mostly it'll be used for bad, and porn. and they'll probably combine it with that camera and brain-chip technology that they use for giving blind folk cyborg eyes. put games and apps on it and market the shit out of it. sony brainstation or something.

    ... or has it already happened?

    ... yes, it has.

    ... possibly.

    ... we can't know, the knowledge app has been banned.