Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My animation show reel


This be the aniamtion show reel i have done of late. animation is hard to do and this will be updated with the animations from the student film im doning right now, anyway il just lets you watch it , get your popcorn ready and enjoy!!! well its probably shorter than the time it would take to make popcorn. just get the pre-packaged stuff, its not as good but itl do, well alot of the time it dose the job. did you ever go to the cinema and get like loads of pop corn and well its enough for a couple of people but you tend to eat it all and by the end of the bag your lips have been exposed to so much salt that there kinda swollen.....and its hard to talk, well thats what i do. when i have the money, that stuff is very a lot of money.


  1. HMMMM NORCPOP!!! Nice works

  2. Th.. th.. the pictures, they MOVE!!!! really cool dude, congrats! Your life drawings are really impressive too.