Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Mindache... (sigh)

we had to do arts of buildings around town for college. i did do these.

its some sort of church thing coming alive like a creature.

its a bell tower thing coming alive like some sort of frankenstein or other.

its a lady statue thing all coming alive like a demon and its gonna eat your nads or something.

i'm too busy right now to explore thinkings, and too disensomethinged to something... Bah!... y'know?

here's tim minchin with a topical humour music

alright, go on, get out of here.


  1. ok bye............wait these are freakin il go! bye love yeah lots byue byue!

  2. Great art! Think the last ones my fave, amazing drawing! Tim's song is very good also! Nice!

  3. yeah the last one is so brilliant!