Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Mindache prays the lord his soul to take.

did i put this up already?... its a collage of me head. i'm made of words, words are symbols, symbols are concepts, i'm not my face, my face symbolizes the true, intangible essence of me... yeah, that's what it means...?

is there an opposite to lucid dreaming? like being awake, and aware you're awake, but feel light and not completely there, sense and nonsense swapping roles at random, seemingly missing scenes? can you become so familiar with and accustomed to your subconscious symbolic world that your conscious waking world loses validity in being your definite reality? or does the amplified subconscious leak into the waking world opening your perception of reality wider to include more of your subconscious? further investigation is needed.

sweet dreams!


  1. this is like you in the way your art is like you as it looks like you but dosent, i like you! and this. its amazing!

  2. this is great. the opposite of lucid dreaming? stoned?