Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Mindache has an extremely uneasy feeling of incompleteness and

FUCK J.J. ABRAMS!!! FUCK J. J. ABRAMS IN HIS MYSTERY ASS! oh i suppose if you were to fuck j. j. abrams in his mystery ass you'd first have to watch a video, frame by frame, looking for hidden messages, isolate and unreverse hidden voices, put any names, places, words into google, sift through multiple fake websites and web profiles, decipher numerical and glyphic codes and enter the prize draw! and then you find he hasn't even got an ass!! FUCK J. J. ABRAMS IN HIS UNHOLY MYSTERY NON-ASS!

j. j. abrams is impotent. he builds you up but can't finish you off. he leaves you unsatisfied and depressed. i would've had hope for super 8 if the lost finale wasn't so unethically horrible. i have no time for anything he's had an impotent hand in. from this day forth i harbour unflinching contempt and increasing psychosis towards j. j. abrams. i have a stress ulcer i call jay-jay. fuck you j.j. abrams, you're wasting everyone's time, go fuck yourself. cunt.

here's a picture. i'm going to go play with a fucking kitten.


  1. jeez, i didn't make the text that big! the internet is as pissed off as i am!

  2. As I texted to you just now, I've just seen the lost Finale. I'm letting it sink in. let's not discuss here, we may ruin it for someone who hasn't seen it yet?

  3. PS. LOVE that picture. What does that black object with the tentacles represent? What's the meaning behind the light on the right of the picture. Who are those 2 people and why are they there? Why do these questions seem somewhat familiar?!

    Seriously though, this pic is one of my favs of yours. Quite "simple" but great imagery.

  4. really dig the picture, i dont watch lost or anything j.j abrams had an impotant hand in, except armagedon, but really dose that count, all i remember was the the big truck thing which im pritty sure he didnt make himself. anyway lost , was at a lose with me from day one too many questions never answerd and more and more rediculas things happening that you know the ending was just gona hurt you, mental amd emotionaly, i think this is what we see here, if these programes done deliver it hurts people.

    ( now saying this i havent seen the ending or have a valid opinion on it but this message refers to all t.v show endings.)

    ps spell check hasnt worked on my browser in years, deal with it.

  5. ok well, i ment to say dont deliver not done deliver........i could at least read over this shit.

  6. really don't agree with you on this one.
    beautiful illustration though.