Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life, Mr. Monster, Life

Aloha ghouls and ghoulettes my artings, enjoy!


  1. cool! is the last one from life drawing yesterday?looks great man!

  2. Yeah these are really good. Hey Emma, the middle one was from life drawing, we had a new model in. Quite an eccentric guy, it was really interesting.

  3. Knew i should of went man.The one life drawing class with superbeings an i miss it...typical.
    Excellent work man the hand works really well.

  4. Hey emma yea that was last tuesday, good class!

    Thanks Pete! Yeah that super hero was a sound guy, go figure!

    Yeah had power girl there too...pointless boobage! thanks for the nice words man!

  5. awyeah! that style kicks asses with the life drawing! mr monster looks awesome. he looks like a character from the tick!