Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Mindache. Now with added fatigue!

busy busy busy! i could be doing more college work. but do i really want to? anyway, whats been happenin'? volcanoes in iceland. isn't iceland a volcano? the news said DOOM CLOUD, but all i saw was pretty blue, planeless skies. lovely. maybe we should slow our world down and let nature do its thing more often. remember SNOWPOCALYPSE? wasnt that wonderful? we should make the most of this situation, play in the ash, make ash angels and ashmen, leave your rubbish out to be broken down by the acid rain. if worms can live by volcanic vents at the bottom of the ocean then surely we can live with a sulphurous cloud. we're better than worms aren't we?

in other newses;
- events happened


  1. Damn man this is cool! And seriously you speak the truth! I shall follow you my leige!

  2. love this man! where the hell are you btw?