Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Aloha peeps and peepettes birthday gift for my mate, he was happy with it so I'm happy with it.

He's a big fan of Dexter so I drew this up for him, markers, water colour and some acrylic paint splatter on the frame! I actually also drew wash from Firefly but didnt frame it!

I think a proper Dexter comic would be so cool, so Itried to nail the likeness, if it was a comic, IDW would prob do it!, I don't mind I'll draw it for them...

We're having such good weather these days, I'd love to just chill with beers drawing outside but not so with all these college projects, lets hope the weather lasts for the summer, when I'll more than likely have no job and lots of free time! Fingers cross the sun stays which is doubtful seeing as we live in a rainy pooey country, stupid crappy weather! Actually Dexter lives in sunny Miami! I'm moving there!
Fetch my cane boy!


  1. here is you cane.......would sir like him slippers and jam jams? oh and cool pic!

  2. thats deadly work kevzo!nice!!