Sunday, March 7, 2010

With apologies to Mr. Henson

Hey!! Seens as I didn't do the muppet one last week, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and cross the dead celebrity theme, with the muppet theme, so here's Jim Henson... as a muppet. Sorry Mr. Henson, It was a bit of a rush cause I'm tired and think I'm coming down with something, but hope the drawing isn't too demeaning.

Emma.. mooch in on my day will ya? You're dead!! Nice birds though. Ha, I just copped I used the phrase "killed 2 birds with one stone" and you're picture is of 2 dead birds. It was me what killed them, mwhahaha!!!!! Not really though, I just used a popular phrase.

Anyway, here's a movie quote I like:

Hellboy: (drunk) Look at her. She's it, Abe. She's it. She's my whole, wide w... I would give my life for her. But she also wants me to do the dishes!

Also, why the fuck does my text always come out underlined, I can't figure out how to turn it off.

(I don‘t know how you do it man, I can never remember how I fix it but I do anyway, stop doing it!!!-Kevin)

And also again, the pic I put up last week is finished and on my Deviant Art page.
Check it out at this link you sexy brutes!!!

(Also, the finished picture is really cool, check it out-Kevin)


  1. This is actually one of my fav pics posted on the blog yet, made me burst out laughing!!!

  2. awww thats lovelier than elmo and friendlier than kermit could ever be! i like the lean.

    i dont think it'd be right for anyone to put their arm up that, its too pure and innocent and unspoiled.

  3. Ha, thanks, the lean is due to the fact I referenced this pic*-yyZeJOOlqH80a6GHJTwjfmYirlSiJ6XZ3-QR-rbPO3wokOOYufheSOnGeVQwY5n4LYO7DECBw5neV3X6/henson.jpg
    That man could certainly knew how to pull off a good lean!!

  4. Also, my pictures don't go full size when you click them anymore. Kev, you know how to fix it?! Thanks!

  5. hah brilliant peter! but I miss the underlined text!

  6. Seriously well impressed with this Peter! The shading, the linework, the big ole muppet eyes, everything is perfect!