Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a little pig goes a long way!

so i think this speaks for itself really. i havent really thought that the babe pig as dead but im sure he is a few times over by now! hope this is good for a giggle.
well done everyone! and im loving the weekly themes also!

peace out mark stokes


  1. wait i should have said its two pork chops and mash. on a plate on a table that is in front of a window with a pot of flowers on it.

  2. HA!! Brilliant!... I mean, noooooooo!!! He's alive!! and living in a villa! and does charity work for underprivileged pigs! and and working on his memoirs!! say you're wrong!! SAY YOU'RE WRONG!!

  3. This made me "lol" as the kids say! Nice stuff Mark!

  4. babe is alive. how are dare you mark. himself and elvis are feasting on tofu as far as I'm concerned. Pigs eat everything.

    Oh and deadly work!

  5. hahaaah! this is one of the best things!