Monday, March 29, 2010


Aloha folks, I'm not entirely familiar with the book, I've read one or two issues and have yet to see the movie, but I remember the viral campaign marvel did for this in the heyday of youtube and taught it was the coolest thing ever, growing up I was a big fan of John Romita jr, I'm genuinely shocked when comic book fans don't know who he is, its worse if they don't know who his dad is, anyway his art is great, when everything in the marvel books looked the same his work really stood out to me, I'd actually love to see him do more. Anyway gunna try pick up the trade thursday and see it this weekend! Been feeling distant from comics lately so hopefully this will change that.
I had this fricken idea almost to a tee when I was 12! Life sure can be a pain sometime! Geoff in future we must act faster.


  1. Hey Kev, That pic you did is ... kick ass!! haha hahahaha hahaha, see what I did there?

    Seriously though. You've got a cool new style going on ( new insofar as I know). I like it.

    And it seems freaky picnic is cured!

  2. Hey thanks pete, yeah don't think my drawings changed a whole lot, just my approach. Using watercolour, thick outlines and a finer line for detail, adding a frame and splatter thats it really but I am having serious fun doing it and like the finished result! God bless our course eh! Seriously I love it, without it I would have never done anything like this!

  3. cured?

    foreshortening is deadly!and the blood stains! that still from your hand? nice work!

  4. yeah kev, is that finger still not closed up? it's getting all over your pictures. looks good though.

    i like the way you're drawing outside the box with these, and the one with the flower on deviantart. the emphasis on exploration and experimentation in this course is very welcomed by me. didn't get that with animation.
    we should have a psychotropic workshop. trip balls and explore our trans-dimensional art powers. discover a brand new shape or colour or something. express 12 dimensions on a 2 dimensional canvas. the kind of art that activates wormholes. i would very welcome that.

  5. Really cool Kev, loving the new framing thing you're doing! And this is very Romita - like, great job!