Sunday, March 21, 2010

Curiouser and curiouser.

Hey all! Did this today, Acrylic, Pen, brush tip pen, pencil A4 size. Title "Mortal yes".

This weekend I've been feeling sick and I also went to see Tim Burton's "Alice...". Really liked it!! Didn't think I would. Mad Hatter: "You're absolutely Alice, I'd recognize you anywhere" turns to the others at the table " I'd recognize him anywhere"!!

Ya! So anyway, eh, we haven't done the definition thing in a while so here goes:

Transformer: def- noun: robot in disguise.

PS!! WOW NO UNDERLINING OF MY TEXT! WOOO! The curse has been broken!! The eleventh seal must have been restored!

Let us party! Well, you all can. I'm going to bed to read. Good night sweet prince and princessesses.


  1. i'll allow johnny depp this one last quirky character, but next i demand creepy psychological thriller villain. and i suggest tim burton and disney go find someone else to play around with. johnny is ours. all of ours.

    nice piece!... the painting, not your penis. and your penis. getwellsoonbye!

  2. veery nice man! acrylic and brushpen mixed togheter you say hmm i like the sound of that! looks great!

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  4. Thanks, Yeah Johnny Depp was too good in it. As was Helena Carter. But Tim should quit now before it gets boring. You're getting mixed up Geoff, the acrylic painting of my penis is on "Freaky Dicknic" not freaky picnic. Thanks for the comment though non-the-less.
    Yeah Emma Acrylic and brush pen is the way of the future. It's what art in the 2010's will be known for! Join the movement!! Thanks for the comment, I think the background needs more work though. Some extra tones and better blending.

  5. Very cool, my mam saw the movie yesterday, she enjoyed it! I'm very much with Geoff on this one though how great can tim burton be if he only ever really plays it safe with johnny and his wife, boring now t this stage their just emo carry on flicks CHANGE THE FORMULLA

  6. Yeah yeah yeah, Burton is too predictable now, but I still thought it was good, and I know what the most popular costume this Hallowe'en will be.

  7. Really really nice Peter, my favourite piece from ya so far - brilliant!