Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Old schooling the heck outta ya!

Aloha guys hope ye all are doing well, this is the logo of an excellent band called Alexisonfire, i went through a simple process but taught I'd post it anyway since I went to the bother of recording it, started with pencils, inked it and added water colour...simple.
I really want to do some more traditional art and seeing some artings by geoff, Ive certainly been inspired he does some cool watercolour stuff inspired by Alex Pardee and he did a great piece you can see it herehttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/_0iWd54lh9e4/S2cr-6n0OZI/AAAAAAAAAD4/40dZG5CULuQ/s1600-h/P2020024.JPG, were all just a bunch of inspired bastards really, but yeah been looking at a lot of traditional art and been really digging it and feel like I've kinda lost touch, digital art can be so cold some times so thats it guys expect more old school arts by me!
The Mc Attack!!!


  1. Really nice Kev, like the way you showed it in stages aswell, great stuff man!