Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Mindache: The Product! Buy it!

'tis tinkerbell from my "tragic kingdom" series... i would.

this week i are mostly been hurting my eyeballs with:

- cross-eye stereogram macrophotography of insects and pornographs.

- looking at sharp things, extremely closely.

- unconventional, engrish-esque use of language in chuck palahniuk's new, gum-bound, fictional account pamphlet.

- henry rollins' neck and subsequent face.

- becoming asleep with the computer glare blasting right at into my face.

- funny people what are jews.

- unopened windows in a small room.

and now my dears, i rest these sexy, brooding eyes, for the sun is ascending astride the horizon and i am an anemic poet in my thirties who seduces naive schoolgirls in neighbourhood playgrounds at dusk. am i crying because i'm a sensitive soul, or is my eyeliner stinging my eyes? thats the enigma... and then i walk away silently but i don't take my eyes of you. swoosh my long coat.

bye bye bye bye bye!


  1. ah brilliant geoff! I love the final touches!

  2. Really cool man as for your eyes u should try close em or roll em over and look at your mind

  3. :D Officially more tragic than Dis' staged lemming suicides.