Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Mindache complies with all codes and standards.

some early photoshop wankery. a long time ago... 'bout 4 years. this is what photoshop was made for. to realize dreams! to bridge the gap between reality and imagination! to enable people to put pictures of their friends' heads onto homosexual pornography!
Adobe Photoshop is available from all good torrent sites. Free!

extra strong wondermints:

- if elvis killed millions of jews would nobody grow sideburns anymore?

- what would win in a fight between a bear grylls and a tiger woods?

- can i get a hell yeah?

- if some dinosaurs evolved into birds and the purpose of evolution is for progress, does that mean velociraptors are shitter than chickens?

- is it all the chinese over there thats causing the earth to wobble on its axis?

- if sound can't travel through space does that mean i can't bring my ipod with me on the shuttle?

- it'd be cool if we all lived in trees.

for answers, check the back of your internet.


  1. 1. Elvis is cool, whatever he does is fucking cool! Is that wrong? No its not!

    2. Bear Gryls he's not a dick, Tiger wood, he's a dick, Mr. Gryls would wear him like a skin suit and give Mrs. Woods a hole in one!

    3.A little bit of sunshine
    A little bit of booze
    A little bit of me
    And a little bit of you, Hell yeah!

    4. Sadly yes (In future keep your Dinosaur facts to yourself)

    5. Nope, its actually the U.S.A state of texas. One person there = 5 people in china.

    6. No you can, NASA worked this out a long time ago so astronauts could listen to Lynard Skynard, free bird while descending into earths atmosphere.

    7. I always wanted a really cool tree house, not a store bought one but a hand built one so yes, and bows and arrows.

  2. 1. Elvis would have grown a square moustache, not big sideburns.

    2.The question is, If he grylled his tiger, wood he bear it?

    3. Heaven's no

    4. Kentucky Fried Velociraptor. Think about it.

    5. No, It's yo mamma that causes the earth to wobble on it's axis.

    6. Sound can't travel through space because it doesn't have the proper documentations. And isn't rich enough.

    7. Yes.