Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Mindache: Adventures with heads

this is part of my piece for the "art of nurture" college assignment/bank competition. its symbolic of the symbolism inherent in symbols.

- do amputees gain weight easier?
- if you're completely covered in hair, where does your hairstyle stop?
- if i'm floating in space with an obese spaceperson would i get drawn towards their stronger gravity?
- if igloos shield you from the cold, could i protect myself from the desert heat by building a fire around myself?
- how far back in time do you have to go so that its okay to have sex with your ancestor?
- if the moon stayed in the same place over the earth, and it was at sea, would you get a mountain of water pulled up by the gravity?
- what do hyenas find so damn funny anyway?

when all is said and done, and the smell of the clouds has put you off your supper, the ringing in your ears won't go away, your palms are clammy and the bathroom fixtures have gone from singing your praises to criticizing your efforts, all you can do is arm yourself with the heftiest metaphor close at hand and run, swinging. many run, more escape. its not too hard.

bye bye you!


  1. That looks awesome!! though can't wait to see it in person(?) the pics a bit fuzzy. how'd you get the freakin lighting effect in the foetus/palm area? the red line under the word foetus says I spelt it wrong. According to the apple dictionary , "foetus" is correct, but "fetus" is now the standard spelling. sorry, I'm typing as I go along.

    to answer your questions:

    - Yes they do gain weight easier, but they've lost weight from losing the limb/s.
    - If your hairstyle is the "Greaser" look, it stopped in the 70's, unless you're a woman, apparently it's all the rage for females now.
    -According to Einstein, then yes, a bigger person would have a heavier gravitational pull but you wouldn't get drawn closer to them, you'd orbit around them.
    - Haha!! I really liked this one, Any way, the answer is yes.
    - Before the rest of the relatives get home!
    - That would be AWESOME!! and I mean that in the literal term of the word! Eh, the answer is yes why not, provided that 2x+9b-55435+s is equal to pie.
    - Your face!

    And that is all the science I know.

  2. fixed the pic! thanks, i got the lightingness from a squirt o' spraypaint and an egg shaped bit o' card over the foetus(spelled according to geoff's dictionary of words 'n' whimsy).

    i feel knowledged now. your hairstyle advice was immensely helpful.

  3. aaah i just lost everthing i typed, wah, il start again!

    i dont have the red line to tell me of im wright or left?

    am, its a great pic man , serious good your traditional means of artistic exprestion far out way the effort of many!

    from my bare bones research i found that the amputees have a concern for there weight, but only for the sizing of there prostetic limbs, any other weight problems would be the same as me or you. but in the case of people who lost limbs to diabetes then the issue is a bit diffrent, them people can be over weight all ready so then the quesstion is , dose a fat person gain weight easier.

    where ever you stop styling it .....duh! but if you dont your just a walk'n , talk'n man of pure style, take cousin it for example he was pritty styling

    i find that i gravitate towards people i like , kind friendly people who are fun and have a good sence of humor, in many a case fat people can be knowen to have these trates. the best knowen of all is the big fat party animal. this fat person can be found wearing a hawaiian shirt , sporting a beard and some kind of fun hat. most likly drinking a beer or exotic cocktale. if you where found to be in space with this kind of fat person then you are sure to have a fun space party. luck you!

    my understaning of igloos is that they are very good insulators. but fires create heat and hot air rises, so with that in mind if the fires are four feet or so above you the air that is drawen in from under the fires sould be cooler. that or there isnt any cool air for 100s of miles.....maybe if the fires are so big the change the earths climate?

    hmmm if you go as far back to when there was just less than , lets say , 1000 people on earth, then the candidate would have as much in family comon with you as any joe soup of the street, if that makes sence. (cousin.cou-sin.could-sin)

    i dont know, but that would be the coolest thing ever, even if it made a bridge then you could swim to the moon!

    your face!!