Wednesday, February 24, 2010

im cookie'n now mamma


A crippling illness or disability is one that severely damages your health or your body. Arthritis and rheumatism are prominent crippling diseases.

They both suffered from crippling pains in their hips.

If you say that an action, policy, or situation has a crippling effect on something, you mean it has a very serious, harmful effect.

The American military presence on the islands had suffered a crippling blow.


Addiction is the condition of taking harmful drugs and being unable to stop taking them.

An addiction to something is a very strong desire or need for it.

He needed money to feed his addiction.

I discovered an addiction to housework which I had never felt before.


  1. Harrowing. I never realised the cookie monster was so troubled. If He would only go out with me. I could be the one to turn his life around.

  2. the guy seriously needs some veggies. sweet work mark am enjoying this theme!

  3. Haha great stuff Mark! I can imagine him screaming "just hook the cookie dough to my veins!!!!!!!!!!!"

  4. i knew he didn't have his habit under control! and i loaned him money to help get clean!

    nice work fellow!