Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fantastically funky Fridays with Ciaran Doyle

Apologies to Emma firstly but for some reason the interweb wasn't allowing me to upload images yesterday. Once again I didn't draw this just done the colouring and I'm not 100% sure who drew this but I think it was Declan Shalvey? This is from the second volume of Atomic Rocket Group 66 which isn't released yet and is not drawn by just one artist but 5 or 6 different collaborators so thats why I'm not sure who's work it is. Anywho hope ya likey :)


  1. Thats def Dec man, nice work Bro hope your doing well man!

  2. Cheers man, getting there slowly - and I mean slowly cause I look like some sort of praying mantis when I try to walk haha!