Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You give me fever!

and the runs. Aloha people of earth, that’s right I’m pretty fricking sick! I’m sick of being sick, I’ve never been so sick so much in my life, I’m genuinely concerned like from never being sick to feeling strange if I’m not experiencing some sort of cold sweat! It sucks, I mean I wrap up warm, I take my vitamins, say my prays and are nice to mom and dad!!! What does a guy have to do to stay moderately healthy, I’m tired, I’m gunna get up early see how I feel.

On a different note (or maybe its related, I considering the activity of extra terrestrials may be the cause of my constant illness) but here’s a video of a recent ufo sighting in our beloved city of Dublin, I’m gunna find the date of the movie match it with my recent illness and crunch some numbers stay tuned fledglings!


  1. That's cool! looking! like the pen work! Hope you get better soon! miss you in class :( Friday after college, if you're well, a few of us are going to the cinema to see Avatar. watched that UFO footage, it's cool looking, the comments below are speculating it wasn't actually taken over Dublin though. Interesting none the less! Maybe your sickness isn't caused by aliens after all. Maybe it's bacteria or a virus. or maybe alien bacteria or virus!! or maybe a voodoo curse! anyway, plenty of fluids and rest should do it. and lemsip.

  2. yeah this is sweet man! have I seen it before?

  3. tatanka id spanka! i dont even know what i mean by that? good i mean!