Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Mindache ushers in a golden age of whimsy 'n' tomfoolery.

tremble in fear and panic before the sledmen of the SNOWPOCALYPSE!!! millions will perish! and those of us who... it's melting? grand.

after much deliberation i have arrived at a decision regarding my life plan. hobo by choice. must be near equator. outskirts of city, beside beach. must have large tree for headquarters. requires long beard, cloak, philosophical dog and staff (long stick), and staff (workers).
firstly, i must gain the trust of the native hobos and become accepted into their society. observing the alpha i will learn his weaknesses. with stuff i remembered from bear grylls' program i impress the natives and my staff grows (workers). next is resistance and revolution, then liberation and sovereignty, then war! then we overthrow the hobo despot and i return to civilization to write a book about my experiences. with the profits we buy a large scrapyard and build our city from the junk. with our capital city founded we venture out to uncharted lands to form a global hobo's free society. i think that's reasonable.


  1. its nice to have realistic goals in life, well done sir of the street rat people!

    very nice pic!

  2. If I was a hobo(which I'd be happy with) I'd follow you into the bitter fire of the burning trash can and back! I'd collect cans and harvest the tinfoil! All in your name, if you haven't guessed I'm gunning to be your first mate(not in a sexual way, well unless thats what you want whatever I figure if im homeless I would have tried eveything not be homeless, therefor comfortable with it) also I already grow a mean beard!

  3. Colours are really cool man, well done!