Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Goon Vector

Aloha guys hope the holidays were good to ye! Sucks we gotta go back right? The holidays were pretty pretty pretty good! Its always hard to get back into work even when its something you love, like our "where the wild things are" for example thats a project I should really be into, I'm drawing monsters for college!!! I'm trying my best, I just cant get my head around it! I seem to not be able to produce stuff I'm happy with! Should I do it my way? Would it make things easier? Should I go in the original book style? Questions I should have been asking myself some time ago considering its due Wednesday!!!

Well all things can't go so well however I do have the Illustrator project done, it's mindless and creativeless so thats half the work done! That makes my job a lot easier, at least thats done and dusted!

I just saw Avatar tonight and I must say I'm on the band wagoon and I really enjoyed it, def worth your time, I can't see it being as good on the regular Joe's auld TV! It's not one of my fave movies but it is excellent anyway the question I really should be asking myself is why the long winded rant when I should be fricken working! So I'll leave you with this...

Somebody get a sponge


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P785j15Tzk why dont you watch this so you dont have to think about watching this while you get your stuff done.

  2. Hey!! Your illustrator skills are really top notch!! That looks awesome! Yeah I had the same problem with WTWTA. Loads of great plans, but suddenly tight deadline resulted in an assignment that, lets just say, lost the flair I had envisioned! I'm actually gonna try ringing you now