Monday, December 28, 2009


This is late and I missed last ones saturday and I'm sorry for adding in on Kev's day but I feel awfully bad for not putting anything up last saturday so I'm putting up a thing I did ages ago but still enjoy thinking back on. This is a birdhouse for homeless. It says on the sign. Two junkies walked by when we put it up and got a bit upset but then calmed down and liked it. Then it was stolen the next day . Coincidence? I think not.

Further on: åäö.

Also I might not be able to put up anything next saturday due to Traveling back to the green island while singing drunken songs on the plane. So you might find another middle of the week post from me. Later!


  1. Yeah I had to convince them that it was a demonstration because Therese not enough being done about homelessness in Ireland then he had to tell me his whole life story. Could have been worse.
    Exelent work though really good idea.

  2. Cool stuff Emma, I'm real glad you didn't get a hobo beatdown too :)