Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Mindache won't get out of bed for less than the promise of eternal serenity.

for the "where the wild things are" college project. i decided i'd take the liberty of rewriting the story. in my adaption max is a grown man, regressed to his childhood mind in order to bring balance and order to his corrupted psyche. the wild things represent elements of his psyche, running rampant on his isolated and untamed island subconscious. nothing too heavy, just a bit o' fun.

this christmas i would like:
- a monkey-son
- a teleportation pod (with insect repellent)
- My First Particle Collider from Hasbro
- a larger skull
- the code


  1. thank ya! i like him best myself.

  2. your style and substance out weighs the sum of my life.

  3. Absolutely awesome stuff Geoff, looks so professional!