Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday Mindache sifts through the rubble of technological failure.

so my computing machine died of a man-made virus, just like the people with swine flu. who makes these things? some bitter nerd with a boner for binary? bill gates? that norton guy? freemasons? PETA? whoever it was, i lost EVERYTHING. nothing was backed up. i refuse to live in fear! i will not back up everything! i will not buy every antivirus! i will not get the vaccine! i will not read the newspaper! i will only live, love and laugh as long as that is possible and when its not, well, i'll catch you on the flippity floop!

this picture is what bambi looks like when you put roddy piper's glasses on.

the one thing we have in common is that we're all the same. PEACE MOTHERFUCKERS!


  1. do you turn off the news. this is for people that do not turn off the news.

    this is very good tho jeff! the detail is unreal! more do more!

  2. where the saggy ball sack and a-hole really necessary? haha brilliant

  3. shame with ur laptop! this pic looks great in colour!

  4. I love 'They Live' references. This scares me though...
    Capital drawing!