Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Mindache gets off on being withholding.

i have nothing interesting to say. maybe i should talk anyway. should i talk anyway? i'll talk anyway... so... the sky eh? ... the ionosphere... auroras... did you see the match? yeah, they scored a goal. i don't know, i don't like football. that recent film was good wasn't it? it got good reviews, so i like it. it hurt my eyes and i believe what it told me. i'm afraid of aliens but ghosts are nothing to fear when you have a mobile phone and a good understanding of electromagnetism. the kids are alright. who sees to that? the who sees to that. give them a bit rock 'n' roll and they'll be grand. you shouldn't use the phone after 9pm and plants will turn against us once GM kicks in. machines created man, the moon isn't really there and rain is actually the blood of space whales being hunted for their plutonium.

that's all. sweet dreams!