Wednesday, December 2, 2009

aw for ape sake

hey you groovy guys and gals!

this is the colour ape pic i promised! hell yeah i finally deliver, wooh woooh yeah YEAH ALRIGHT! COMMON! GET IN THERE................ok im sorry i got a bit excited...... this was all in photo of the shop. thats right photoshop!

i tryed to push my lighting and colour with this and there are one or two textures in there, it was good fun and the image of a guerrilla with a machine gun was always a fav of mine!

im outs.


  1. this is deadly mark!! very professional finish the colour really is bring out the colour of his eyes..or gun!

  2. Great stuff Mark, that leaf is fuckin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. very nice bro! i can see progress. you go!