Wednesday, November 18, 2009

spawn for you

hay everybody!

i did done a picture of spawn i like spawn he kicks ass! with gun and chains!

so with this i just wanted to expand on my colouring , i thought it worked out fairly ok. could push it more though.

see yeah later in the days of our lives! ....................................


  1. I like this, far better when u tone down the scibbles and control the line work, ur colours are getting better and better, good job buddy!

  2. Very nice man, you'll find with colouring that the more detail you put into the process, the more inclined you'll be to hide the top layer of sketched ink lines, thus making it basically a Digipainting :D

  3. Really nice Mark, love the colours and layout! Spawn rules!!!

  4. very pleasing! you should lock yourself away and work on something for a week solid. they will sing songs of your legend for generation to come!

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