Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shameless Plug Time

Aloha kiddos! This is Ramos and Billy aka the Kid the main characters in my own personal little comic that’s very much a work in progress.

This is basically just to get a feel for how they might look, construction style, design, all that kind of jazz!

Happy with Ramos's style and design not completely convinced by The Kid I feel he is still very generic, any input with be great guys also seriously considering going full werewolf with him too, was trying to stay true to Lon chanelys portrayal of him, but I'll see what works!

Ramos and The Kid © By Kevin Mc Namara.

Check it! Ramos and the Kid! Work in progress, see more here



  1. digging this style kev, real nice! i can picture them getting drunk and kick ass as buddys do! good stuff!

  2. can't wait for the comic !looks deadly!

  3. huzzah! the kid looks awesome!