Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Mindache: may be harmful to humans

it seems the freemasons are testing EMP missiles in my area. too many county council workers around. yellow vested zombie minions. my dreams were right.

there is no time. there is no space. they are us. we are them. made of the same nothing and clinging on to the same everything. made of the same everything and clinging on to the same nothing. a matter of perspective. falling down or floating up. do you capture moments, or free time? free time when you purchase any two dimensions from our range! time is not an illusion, its a trick. so treat it like a threat, and forget, you two ever met. she's not worth it man! worthless. priceless. free. time.

the future is bright, massive solar flare engulfs the earth.


  1. whats a craicalacking with you? other than you need to chillax fiend!

  2. Such an awesome picture. Also, you type like you talk.

  3. this is a very nice picture! very nice indeed, so was it fun to do? water colours maybe?

  4. Freemasons man - it's all their fault! Awesome pic Geoff, the control you have with the watercolous is very cool!