Wednesday, October 28, 2009

weird and wonderfully wicked Wednesday with mark stokes

yo yo yo back into the grove! as you all know i like zombies, and gass masks !

but yeah you know its all good, i hope to colour this one to, trying to get a more finality to my work!


  1. Nuce but lay off the scibbling your getting too use to throwing sribbles on your pics man, taking away the detail that could make for a nice drawing! I like this though very cool!

  2. Zombies and gas masks is a great mix.
    Nice work.
    Prease to corour prease!

  3. Nice stuff man! Yeah a grayscale colouring like ya did on the army guys would look great on this!

  4. i like the guy gettin it in the face. i bet that ruined his day. good job fella!