Saturday, October 3, 2009

Super Surplus Saturdays with Emma Petersson

well hello there..

This is the ladyee and bloody foreigner that has ended up as yer Saturday treat.

I have not managed to digitalise myself yet so todays picture was made with ink, pen, colour pencil, conte and love.

It was also brought with a stress of me forgetting my bank code and having a small, yet sweet panic attack in front of the cheap internet cafe's 90's computers. Modern Technology huh.. when will one learn?


  1. Very nice indeed! The rat/human creatures are way cool! Its would be sweet to see more of em! We'll learn ya some photoshops stuff ands or magiks! Well done!

  2. It definately puts the "freaky" in Freaky Picnic I tells ya that! Well done on your first post Emma!

  3. yay creepy! just like christmas of days gone by, we'll never capture that magic again, awake all night out of excitement and terror, fear in our hearts for all mankind, magic.
    nice work! huzzah!

  4. Dear Santa please can I have some plumply nut for christmas.

    Rudolph the Rat nosed Rain dear had a very Bubonic Nose.
    And if you ever saw it you it you could even say it blows.

    Very nice picture baby I love how gangster the starving guy on the right is, You can imagine him saying im not starving Im size zero Bi-ach
    Well done X

  5. Oooh, melikey. Very dark. You should turn this into a children's book cos I wanna know what Santi is up to.

    Is he raising his hand to slap the poor boy on the left?

  6. it makes me laugh awkwardly, i like the concept and the rat people are cool!

    theres no prezieeees!

    nice work!

  7. thanks lads! yeah can't wait to start with the digital madness!