Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Mindache oozing out of Geoff's head


i have something fresh, shiny 'n' exclusive for you this week! and early, i'm on the ball now!

kevin contacted me with a proposal for a theme in the run up to halloween. a HORRRORRR theme! this appeals to me, so i accepted. i hope you all have a place in your hearts for HORROR!, TERROR! and EMOTIONAL TRAUMA!, i know i do. so happy all hallows e'en! unclewon'tfancymeificutmyface! wooooooo ghosts!

for a change i thought i'd try some photo manipulation, exploitation and violation. all faces featured are my facial features, malformed 'n' deformed with photoshop.

BOO-oh! i scared myself there, whew.


  1. The reflection of the eye is such a nice touch.It is the gateway to the soul after all.....
    Nice goin man.

  2. Thats really awesome man, great job!

  3. I FUCKING LOVE THIS! its creepy and you have pretty eyes!