Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Mindache in Geoff's head

well halloooo!

week 1 declared successful and creepy and fun. commencing week 2!

so, it's been approximately 38 hours since i last did a sleep. been busy all day, colleging, consuming, consumering, commuting and computing. there's a comfortable fuzz on my headmeats, no good can come of this. only fried rice.

this week's post is sponsored by different whiskeys and inner turmoil.

he is Pinocchio. he is for my "Tragic Kingdom" series, a collection of drawn things what i did, my versions of classic Disney characters. there's more of them on my deviantart if you wanna go have a little quick look there 'n' stuff, go on.

i'm losing abilities so i need go to... my... ah... sleee... py.

b'bye! kisses!


  1. fuckin great! love this as much as a man could!

  2. great I love it. Is he pink? is this a coming theme?

  3. Dude that is cool, if this were a Disney flick I definately would not let my kids see it - awesomely twisted!!!!

  4. That is awesomely his arm.

  5. looking forward to seeing the entire series together.