Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kevin "Aloha" Mc Namara Tuesdays

Aloha folks!

As Geoff said and certainly set a high standard of horror, it is Horror time until the first of November here at the Freaky Picnic!

So ladies and gentlemen get in gear for a ghoulish last ride to hell and marvel at the horrors and fiend that will grace the haunted corridors of...em...this blog and stuff...whatever...

This piece was just an exercise in class in using different materials nothing too fancy just water saleable crayons, pencils and a candle it was ok, I was stuck for something to draw so I threw up this! I mean threw this together, whatever I guess it’s all the same!

As usual not the greatest sense of colour but how and ever here you go, it’s the very talented Lon Chaney, Jr. as the Wolf Man in 1941, all round good stuff check it out!


  1. i think the colours work will in this! looks like my daddy when he dosent shave!

  2. That looks a bit like me when I don't shave!!!! Is that why you were glancing at me so much in class today Kev? Good job man, really like the colours too!