Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jazz Man/ROBOTS!

Realised I had this lying around so seeing as I missed posting last week here's this. Seeing as I'm editing today's post hopefully this won't interfere with whoever is posting Friday.
It's for the Icon project in class (I chose robots), unfortunately because it looks like everything else I draw I think I'll have to pick something else for the brief.

Still nothing new posted here. I promise to get my shit together soon.

Anyway this was a quick sketch I did during the Summer using acrylics for a character I thought about briefly before getting sidetracked by something else.

On the subject of brass instruments I recommend checking out the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. They put on an incredible show and arevplaying around the country over the next week or so, this Saturday night in the Button factory I believe.



  1. Mucho coolness here brian well done man! btw Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are very groovey!

  2. Thanks Kev.
    HBE are class, they're playing two shows in Cork tonight but unfortunately the only show I'll be able to make has apparently sold out.
    *sad face*

  3. very nice robots. the running one is extra very nice.

  4. Love the scratchy style of the robots man, and of course every jazzman is cool by default!!! Nice work!