Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hate to break it to you, love

Well, so tonights the night we've all been waiting for (well me anyway). Halloween, this is what the theme of this blog has been for a month now...and I hate to break it to youse... Im going completly off the record and post something that's not scary whatsoever.
Maybe it's because I am just an angry little mop who's bitter because I probably don't even have the time to go out tonight because of college work, maybe I'm the halloween Scrouge?

This is from a series of different barbies I've made for a project. This is a russian doll painted as a barbie.

Anyways, humbug...


  1. Barbie is scary if u ask me, i genuieny had a nightmare bout dolls last night and barbies were in it, honest so...mental timing there!

  2. i agree with kevin, barbies are scary. especially when they're nudey. you just can't trust a woman with no nipples or genitalia. don't even get me started on that ken! anyway i think this is a perfect climax to our group horrorgasm. i'm happy you made it exist. good job em-dawg!

  3. ha ha it cute in a disgusting way!