Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Creature from the Black Laggon

Aloha monsters!
This is me own little take on the oldy creature from the blackest of black lagoons! I love this guy, easily my fave movie monster without a doubt, I'd say Ive drawn him in at least one project every year in college, in layout, computer animation and now in illustration, I can never get enough, hes one of the all time best! I'd love to see a serious remake it would blow my mind machine! I drew this exclusively for the blog, enjoy!


  1. Nice one Kev, love the pose on this one!

  2. i like it to the mean look in his eyes to the turn in his body and stance dig it! proportion to is sound to, could have a better scan though.

  3. Cool stuff Kev.
    Come to think of it, a modern celluloid version of this character would be awesome.

  4. It would be my dream, maybe if i work hard on my own comic and it becomes a hit, ill put out there that the creature inspired it, if its not already evident and when thay start to make a remake theyll hook me up with a concept design gig...sweet!

  5. very nice work, colour it!

    if they were to do a remake i say no CG. they should use the techniques they used in the original. its creepier to have a real guy in a suit swimming around. maybe even do it documentary style.
    nic cage would be perfect for the role.