Wednesday, September 30, 2009

weird and wonderfully wicked Wednesday with mark stokes

A big how do you do from me to you, this is my first plate of freaky food to bring to the picnic table. i do hope you enjoy its flavor of Wednesday!

yup so this is what i did done! its a frog on a pink lie low in the swamp, just chilling the freak out with his corn pipe and a beer. thinking of times past, tad polls turn to young frogs and move on, ponds changing with the times and the field getting smaller. maybe i should do something with a bit more of a story to it next time!

anyway i tough the image would be a funny one and thats what this blog is all about fun and friend ship and improving your art while on that ship as it sales the 7 seas!

yeeearh maties, i be about to walk the plank, fair de well

mark stokes


  1. HAHA! Cool sketch Mark! He is definately chillin', zillin' and possibly illin' all at the same time! Love it!

  2. i like him! he seems like a decent decent guy. the kinda guy the local kids respect, and the parents don't think is a paedo. and as usual, awesome lighty mood light!