Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Mindache in Geoff's head

Greetings you!

Welcome to the first official day of the fREAKY pICNIC! And I will be serving you appetizers! I feel honoured and privileged and poorly. My human body machine is currently powered down for immuno-upgrades. Isn't that cool! It fixes and upgrades itself! Don't even have to register. Be wise, treat yours nice. Put fresh, organic drugs in it.

I look forward to seeing the contributions from the other guys. Hopefully I won't lower the tone too much. I'll try hard. Promise.

So, here's my first addition. A taster. A teaser... An old sketch I just coloured today because I didn't have any fresh work done.

The Gland Twins. An idea I briefly had which never materialized further than this picture. They play in a band called "Glandular Fever" and regularly get into mishaps and comedic occurrences because of their contrasting personalities. It would've been good if I'd followed it through and made it good. But I didn't, so this is all you get. You'll take it and like it!

Love ya, b'bye!!!


  1. Congrats on the first post buddy good job!!! this is a cool pic, they guy on the right looks cool!

  2. A hearty congrats on the first post Geoff! Cool pic man, the colours are fantastic! Long live Freaky Picnic!!!!!

  3. ah, a feast for the eyes in this picnic of freaky deeky doings! kudos to you on you art my good friend!

  4. thanks mans! can't wait to see it all come together through the week. good luck with y'all's first postses!