Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kevin "Aloha" Mc Namara Tuesdays

"Well standin on a corner, swingin my chain,
Along came a copper and he took my name,
He put dirty maulers on my laundry coat so I
whipped out my razor and I slit his throat"

Aloha folks!!!

My first post here at the fREAKY pICNIC!...better late than never I guess, anyway on with the show, BIG CLICK this one guys, this is Billy everyone calls him the Kid though, he is very much so a work in progress(first sketch of him) and I wasn't entirely happy with it, its an all digital sketch and i think things might have had gone different had I sketched it out first but after a second luck and fresh eyes I twiged him a bit and I'm much happier!

Next week more preparation less arse'n about! Oh baby wait till you see...I'm bluffing, I will try though, maybe even try to refine "The kids" design more, expect big changes!


I found the photo online and photoshoped it


  1. Nice post man, Im liking the character design and the photo in the background is a nice touch! A big aloha to the kid!

  2. good work dadio! i look forwardly to see him evolve. sorry, "intelligent design". evolution is for satan worshippers.