Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hello You!

I had such good intentions for my first post but instead I'm feeding you scraps.

If you'll look to your right (my left) you'll see me, punched dans le choppé (as our Gallic friends would say) by an invisible assailant.

Don't read too much into it.

Thats about it for now folks. New and original art scraps next week. Promise.



  1. Man do you do linework well (a trait that I hate in your ability). Good stuff Brian, is it okay that I'm imagining myself punching you in the face in the pic because of your talent?

  2. lets all punch his face!

    really nice line work and i like the concept, its arty but in all the right ways, good show.

    wait a second was that french?

  3. Of course it was French!
    Thanks for the kind words folks but you'll soon find neat line work is about all I do.
    Good thing I've started a two year diploma right?

  4. ah nice man i like PUNCH TO THE FACE!!! Chris Brown his ass!!!

  5. Oh noes!

    Now that the times have been corrected the interweb thinks I posted this two minutes before Thursday!

  6. You ruin everything i hate you waaaaaahhhhhhhhh i wish i was never born! Your not my father!!!

  7. aw, invisible kevin bacon is so narky!
    nice work! nice idea!