Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hello You!

I had such good intentions for my first post but instead I'm feeding you scraps.

If you'll look to your right (my left) you'll see me, punched dans le choppé (as our Gallic friends would say) by an invisible assailant.

Don't read too much into it.

Thats about it for now folks. New and original art scraps next week. Promise.


weird and wonderfully wicked Wednesday with mark stokes

A big how do you do from me to you, this is my first plate of freaky food to bring to the picnic table. i do hope you enjoy its flavor of Wednesday!

yup so this is what i did done! its a frog on a pink lie low in the swamp, just chilling the freak out with his corn pipe and a beer. thinking of times past, tad polls turn to young frogs and move on, ponds changing with the times and the field getting smaller. maybe i should do something with a bit more of a story to it next time!

anyway i tough the image would be a funny one and thats what this blog is all about fun and friend ship and improving your art while on that ship as it sales the 7 seas!

yeeearh maties, i be about to walk the plank, fair de well

mark stokes

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kevin "Aloha" Mc Namara Tuesdays

"Well standin on a corner, swingin my chain,
Along came a copper and he took my name,
He put dirty maulers on my laundry coat so I
whipped out my razor and I slit his throat"

Aloha folks!!!

My first post here at the fREAKY pICNIC!...better late than never I guess, anyway on with the show, BIG CLICK this one guys, this is Billy everyone calls him the Kid though, he is very much so a work in progress(first sketch of him) and I wasn't entirely happy with it, its an all digital sketch and i think things might have had gone different had I sketched it out first but after a second luck and fresh eyes I twiged him a bit and I'm much happier!

Next week more preparation less arse'n about! Oh baby wait till you see...I'm bluffing, I will try though, maybe even try to refine "The kids" design more, expect big changes!


I found the photo online and photoshoped it

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Mindache in Geoff's head

Greetings you!

Welcome to the first official day of the fREAKY pICNIC! And I will be serving you appetizers! I feel honoured and privileged and poorly. My human body machine is currently powered down for immuno-upgrades. Isn't that cool! It fixes and upgrades itself! Don't even have to register. Be wise, treat yours nice. Put fresh, organic drugs in it.

I look forward to seeing the contributions from the other guys. Hopefully I won't lower the tone too much. I'll try hard. Promise.

So, here's my first addition. A taster. A teaser... An old sketch I just coloured today because I didn't have any fresh work done.

The Gland Twins. An idea I briefly had which never materialized further than this picture. They play in a band called "Glandular Fever" and regularly get into mishaps and comedic occurrences because of their contrasting personalities. It would've been good if I'd followed it through and made it good. But I didn't, so this is all you get. You'll take it and like it!

Love ya, b'bye!!!